Katogi Averoff Roditis Chardonnay 750ML


Made using Roditis 50%, Chardonnay 30% and Muscat 20% grape varieties. The vineyard is privately owned and long-term partnerships in Macedonia.

Pre-fermentation cold maceration for a few hours. Separate fermentation for each variety. Must fermentation at temperatures up to 15°C. After fermentation, the young wine sits on its lees for a few weeks.

Golden straw colour, a pleasant, youthful character, showing fruity, floral aromas, combining a cool acidity and a structured mouth make the wine pair beautifully with pasta, seafood, fish and poultry.

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​Cultivating the highest altitude mountain vineyards in Greece at Metsovo Since 1959.
“This labour of love started out as a hobby but grew into an expansive vision. If  you know what it feels like to have achieved a seemingly unattainable vision, you will appreciate what this means: It makes the soul expand.”